AI and Digital Identity

The term ‘digital identity has been in vague in relation to various technological innovations. The

AI and Justice System

Can AI strengthen the Indian judicial system? The utilization of AI in the Indian judicial system

AI and Right to Privacy

Introduction  In July 2017, the Supreme Court of India in its nine-bench judgement ruled

AI for Social Good in India

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become the new buzzword in several countries like the United

AI and Social Good in the UK

Buckinghamshire is a peaceful county adjoining Greater London. A calm and serene place away from

AI Innovation and Social Good in Asia

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its profound sphere of influence cannot be gauged easily. It is a

AI for Social Good in South Korea

South Korea has been a burgeoning economy for the last few decades and the arrival of Artificial

Artificial Intelligence and Mobility

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the ability of machines to exhibit human-like intelligence – for

AI and Financial Inclusion

Can AI in banking and finance lead to economic empowerment? The reported estimates as per ‘Fintech

Artificial Intelligence for ‘Social good’ in China

Artificial Intelligence for ‘Social good’ in China     China (Zhongghuo) or the People’s

A.I. and Energy

    The energy sector has already started utilizing technological innovations like AI,

A.I. and National Security

  The question of national security is a vital concern for a growing economic power like.