What We Stand for?


Our organization aims at improving democracy and governance by providing innovative solutions and by using emerging technologies of FOURTH INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION to increase the accountability of the representatives for making laws and executing them while the policy decisions can be transferred into the hands of the citizens.


To strengthen and make democracy healthy through its four major pillars – Discussion, Debate, Dissent and Development. Our Mission is to explore and establish an alternative by :

  1.   Creating awareness for discourse on concerns and issues of tech-based participatory governance.
  2.   Creating enabling models of fourth industrial technologies for adaptation by various governments in order to upgrade democracy.
  3.   Experimenting and prototyping various models of democracy.
  4.   Expediting the development by introducing innovations in traditional models of governance.

Focus Areas

Democracy is an expression of individuals wills that aims to protect the rights of individuals ensuring maximization of information flows and registration of choices. Not only the current forms of democracy should be upgraded, but the tools of governing democracy needs a change as well.

With the help of emerging technology that we are focusing on, governance can be upgraded to the next level. Technologies like blockchain, artificial intelligence and Internet of Things can help in enhancing the participatory governance and accessibility in every field of governance.

Emerging Technologies
One of the most important focus areas that we cater to are the emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, Blockchain, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Internet of Things.